The process doesn’t show you how to create workflow diagram, but will provide understanding and big picture of the process flow.  what are information corrected 1. Order request 2.Order creation 3. Availability 4. Machine reservation 5. Order release 6. Order print receipt. 7. Material staging 8. Material withdrawal posting 9. Confirmation 10. WIP determination 11. Goods receipt 12. Variance calculation 13.Order settlement 14. Archiving /deleting. 15. Execution closed.

What is this means to you: Business example

Let assumed that company X uses material requirements planning to create manufacturing plan. if any master data such as Bill Of Material (BOM) is modified then Material Requirements Planning (MRP) need to be rerun. The engineers of a company, changed the bill of material for the redesigned product after you run MRP. Therefore to ensure the correct manufacturing plan, you will need to rerun MRP. Based upon a new plan you will convert planned order into production order and familiarize yourself with the order structure. You will release the order confirmations. You will release the order, enter goods issue transactions, and perform order confirmations. To be able to analyse the manufacturing data you will run reports using the order information systems. You need to design new system or improve legacy system and redesign using BPMN ARIS EXPRESS, VISIO, EPC, SIPOC feel free to contact us. 


Process doesn’t give you the Business Process modeling or the really flow chart /workflow diagram but will provide a big picture of flow of information. Sales and Distribution start with financial accounting, Profitability analysis Sales, Material Management, Warehouse management, Project Systems, Production planning, Sales Information systems, the sales department planner depend company sales agreement and distribution integration with variety of other modules. Company X manages customer orders from initial request for product to the receipt and posting of customer payment as part of customer order management cycle.

To begin with cycle company X typically enters customer orders which contain customer and product information as well as delivery schedules. Order entry personnel uses information to advise customers about prices and delivery dates before they confirms an order. Here sales and distribution integrate with materials management for availability checking. For make to order product Sales and Distributions integrate with production  planning so that the product is made to satisfy the customer order requirement. Delivery and billing processing both integrate with project systems. for more information meet our team for designing Business Process Modeling for above specific module.