We have Unbeatable team in software architecture and multiple programming languages as well as training and computer networking experts .We are a multinational IT company headquarter’s in USA, with office in Canada and India, and we work together our team we highly analyzed the clients requirements and  always exceed customers’s expectations.

TEAM 1:With over 10 years combined experience our team Specialized in Business Analyses, software Architecture, Business strategy and IT alignment  we are  able to advise our clients on  suitable software solutions for their business or improve existing business process, while keeping safe legacy system.

TEAM 2: With over 15 years experience combined on developing web-driven, database multiple platforms MS SQL, MySQL, ORACLE platforms, maintaining and updating  current database, creating website and database from scratch, configuration, and customization. With in connection other software platform able to connect to Content Management Systems(CMS), VB.NET platforms, and MVC .NET frameworks and many more website design. Do you want website, web application, contact us.

TEAM 3: Engineering software design over 6 years combined with designing software patterns, high level research and  development, our team have eager to develop and deliver application within time frame, budget and quality, Professional Team intended to  design  scalable application, user friendly to multiple platforms. For more information click me.

Other tools: Adobe Photoshop CS4 , Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, Illustrator CS4, Adobe Flash CS4, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, Eclipse IDE, Net beans 7.1, Web Sphere IBM,   Flash CS4, HTML, CSS Dreamweaver, Flash, Graphics and Web Designing, CMS, C, C++,C#, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, DOM, AJAX, Java OOP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Java Hibernate, Php Zend, HTML5 technologies


Our resourcefulness and attention to details enable us to deliver a proficient and professional advice based on theoretical and practical approach. ME Global Solutions offers their clients high quality services with modern IT innovation, business automation integration techniques, outsourcing software, and on demand training.

We create awareness among IT users as our customers enabling them to connect with business success. We will help our clients with their business plan to be realistic while highlighting the benefits and competitive advantages associated. Our business model is adaptable and we implement the latest business processes modeling while keeping the business integrated with latest technologies.

We provide simple and easy software development solutions and consulting services to all small, medium and large business enterprises across verticals.

Merger Global (ME) Global Solutions LLC offers a wide range of service related software, IT business advise, Automation Business Process design, ERP mainly focus on ERP\SAP and Oracles BPM E-business suite R12, outsource and other organization IT business expectation regarding broadly IT services delivery and IT business strategy  alignment. We are here to think on your behalf by giving IT business blueprint before initial phase of design, coding implementation and deployment. We have ability to support organizations and industries, outsource  software and IT services.