Master data function: According to ERP/SAP AG, describe the functional master data as key success to the listed sub-components:

  1. General Data (cross enterprise )
  2. Financial Accounting Data (only relevant for company code)
  3. Sales Data (only sales-relevant code)

Listed above are three sub-components of Master Data (Customer master Data), then let’s see each in few words interaction and examples of it.

Master Data: Data which is used in long term in ERP /SAP System for several business processes. Master data is created centrally and can be used by all applications and all authorized users. Example of master data in SAP included but not limited to customers, materials, vendors, depends of organization business process and business alignment strategy can be scalable.

Let’s see and explain in few words each one of them; customer master contains key information that defines the business relationship between company and its customer, moreover the master data is used to support executions of key business processes such as customer requests, deliveries, invoices and payments.

Master data also have has an organizational aspect as the information is organized into a views which are assigned to organizational elements . The customer master is organized in three views which are each located at a different organizational level: General Data (Client), Financial Accounting Data (company code) and sales Data (Sales Area)

Data on the client level can be used by all company code. The customer account number is assigned on this level. That means the same customer  has explicit account receivable number in all company codes from a financial view. Contact us for more information to design workflow and flowchart diagram. We have multiple tools and technique to make job done.

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Purchase to pay:

Process overview: From a logical point of view requirements planning is carried out first of all. To do this the responsible department can register a materials requirement manually to purchasing using an order requirement. contact us to provide possible solutions to have an order requirement automatically created  by the systems

Order to Cash:

The sales order is basis of the sales process. Many different scenarios can be settled via the sales order in Sales and Distribution. Two scenarios which are typical for accounting are introduced: Example: Company A sale a products ex stock and to be made to order production using the generation of a service.


Scenario overview: Let us assumed that product development department has redesigned on of your company’s computer’s accessories manufacturer, included computer whole refurbishment. As result at this change, new material and vendor master need to be created. The engineering department  informed required tools and material to completed the necessary design document. You will need manually to create purchase requisition to purchase material for inventory and also other need for consumption by the engineering departments. Since this will be the first time the material is being procured from vendor, you need to insure the material is received, the quantity is posted to quality inspection stock, after inspection, it will be transferred to unrestricted use. Once company satisfied with the product ordered a manually payment will be created for the vendor.

We design automatic system  process workflow diagram to show you how each activities related to other and provide other tools, messages and notification for process flow of event

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