BUSINESS PROCESS MODELING: We collect data and information within the organization from a specific identified segment area or more departments and describe the functions associated with the business activities and apply to our tools as Supply Input Process Output Control (SIPOC) and other tools associated with improvement activities mechanisms or resources used in those activities to improve business process, redesign, re-engineer.

We understand how labor and resources are used to create products or services for a company’s customers. Identify areas that could be improved, made more efficient, and re-engineered to create an understanding of where Systems/Applications can be automated to streamlined human or mechanized processes – capture requirements.

We integrate activities between organization cross departments  – especially necessary after a merger of different groups of People producing similar or dependent products/services. The most basic approach is for our expert in BPM  to use an “As-Is” model to build the desired “To-Be” model. We are the best to provide IT solutions and business processes for future success.