Software Design

Merger Enterprise Global solutions LLC offers a wide range of service-related software, IT business advice, Automation business process design, ERP mainly focus on SAP  modules listed on our programs and projects DEMO. We design and outsource application package, including but not limited to website driven, database platform either Oracle or SQL server, customization, configuration.


Ideally is to empower local companies to optimize business while decreasing cost, through automated business process, improve legacy systems. Our teams have capabilities to develop and outsource software that enabler quick time to market, reduce overhead, time, and cost. We support applications outsourced from our end, whether you’re local or elsewhere we are proud to serve you.


Business Process Modeling (BPM) is our concern to ensure our clients stay on track. With our powerful tools and analytical mind & methodologies approach of innovation such tools like BPMN ARIS EXPRESS, UML, SIPOC, VISIO, EPC, etc… With connection and hand in hand with six sigma approach enabled us to provided unbeatable results to provided automated Business  Process